Mobile Shredder

Mobile Shredder

The Big Green Destruction Machine is an AXO 608 Mobile Shredder which can hold 5500kg of shredded paper and can shred up to 2200kg worth of documents per hour. Our mobile shredding lorry also features remote engine start/stop facilities saving fuel and time, minimising the impact on the environment. The AXO 608 is also recognised for its reduced engine emissions and has a Reduced Pollution Certificate.

When the mobile shredder was acquired John Bowers, Managing Director of M & J Bowers, said,

We are excited to expand our services into the on-site shredding market covering the South West which in the past has been dominated by some large companies. We chose AXO as their shredders have high throughput and load capacity with minimal maintenance. M & J Bowers offers a very high level of service and we would encourage anyone using Mobile Shredding facilities to compare the service and prices of their current provider against our own. We believe we run the fastest most efficient Mobile Shredding Truck in the South West. We are competitively priced and we value customer satisfaction.

Daniel Hawtin, European Sales Manager of AXO Shredders added,

M & J Bowers already run a highly efficient off-site shredding plant and John is clearly determined to ensure that businesses are aware of his new capability. I believe that John’s 608 Mobile Shredding Truck is the quickest mobile shredding truck in the South West and this will undoubtedly lead to interest from companies wishing to reduce direct costs in difficult financial times.

So, for all your mobile shredding, paper shredding, confidential & sensitive waste shredding and document destruction services, contact us to book The Big Green Destruction Machine.