Why Shred?

Why Shred?

Compliance with Data Protection Act

Non-Compliance is a crime punishable by a prison sentence, do not under estimate your obligations.

Since March 2000, information held in manual files and computer files such as discs and CDs relating to living individuals must be controlled, maintained and disposed of in a secure manner.

The Act covers a wide range of personal information that may be recorded, including ethnic origin, religious beliefs, physical and mental health and criminal offences. The Act was introduced to give greater protection to individuals in the processing of their data.

All confidential waste destruction is carried out in accordance with the Act as per our contract.


Although sending and receiving confidential information is usually done electronically, it is still normal for most business to print this material. Whilst stored and destroyed electronically this information is probably secure but what about the printed copies?

Whether the information is about pricing, new products, marketing or investment, if a competitor should get hold of it, it could damage your company and future business.

Keeping confidential information secure should be a priority, even if it is no longer required.


By using our mobile on-site shredding service you will show your customers and suppliers that you take security seriously.

Advertising this fact on your website and in your marketing literature, as well as including it in your environmental policy can give your company a more professional image.

Identity Theft Protection

In 2010 CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, recorded over 89,000 cases of identity theft.

One of the main targets for these criminals is personal credit information. You are not only responsible for your own but also any personal information you have about your customers.

If this information should fall into the wrong hands not only will it affect your own credit rating but also damage your company’s reputation.

Customer Confidence / Protect Your Reputation

Research from the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) shows that a security breach can cost your company between £10,000 and £2 million, depending on the size of your company.

But it’s not just this financial cost that needs to be considered. It is also the damage to your business reputation – something that has probably taken years to build.

If a security breach becomes publicly known, it can result in the loss of contracts and future business.

Best Practice

Many professional bodies that monitor services including legal, financial and accountancy firms recommend that a secure on site shredding service is used as best practice, ensuring that your company meets the strict rules governing client confidentiality.

Protect the Environment

All of the paper we shred goes for recycling. Recycling paper not only saves trees but water and energy as well!

For every tonne of paper recycled 17 trees are saved, reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere; approx 40% less energy is used compared to producing the same product from fresh wood pulp and approx 50% less water is used compared to processing paper from fresh wood.

It is becoming common practise for many companies and organisations to take into consideration a potential supplier’s environmental policy when issuing new contracts, so make sure you advertise yours whenever possible.

By using M & J Bowers secure mobile on site shredding service, you can rest assured that your confidential materials will be safely destroyed and disposed of in an enviromentally friendly manner.

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